Pierluigi Cavarra - CBE-020714 -A99-599 wedding theme

What wedding themes and colours can I choose ?

Basically you can choose white, pink, purple or turquoise tulle. This is the type of fabric we use to decorate the iron arch and to connect the chairs along the walk to the aisle.


The standard carpet colours are red, white, fushia-pink and turqoise blue.


The flowers are assorted accordingly.


Themes often chosen are : mediterranean theme, romantich with lots of pastel colours, boho chick, all white theme...you can also extend this idea to the dress code !

Wedding themes and colours !

Choice of flowers

In our all inclusive wedding packages abroad various flowers are included.


Your first choice is are the flowers and colours for your posy wedding bouquet.

All other flowers, such as the flowers in the wedding setting, and the buttonholes are matched to your wedding bouquet.

Getting married abroad on a budget does not mean that you can't make any choices !

Our packages are perfect for all inclusive weddings abroad !