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Why can't I bring my own photographer ?

In the past our bridal couples could bring their own photographer. But we noticed that they weren't accustomed to do a good job. Why ?

First of all, the daylight here st the Costa Blanca is very bright, and very different hten in other countries. So, the photographer has to know the light conditions and bring the required lenses, filters etc...


Also during our ceremony the other photographers didn't know where to stand at a particular moment, resulting in running left to right...and worse, missing "the moment" !


Therfore we decided only to work with our photographers, who know exactly what they are doing and are there at the right moment at the right spot for that perfect shot...

Your wedding photographer in Spain !

How many photos do I receive and how ?

The photographers start at the venue, 30 minutes before the ceremony starts, usually around 5.30PM and stay till the cutting of the cake.


They shoot all important moments on your wedding day and 45 days later you can order the photos online at 3.75€ per photo, or choose one of the discount photo packages.


So you choose how many photos you get !

Our wedding packages abroad are very complete, and even include a professional photographer!

Where does the fotoshoot take place ?

During the reception there is a timeframe of 30 minutes for the fotoshoot.

Therefore the fotoshoot only takes place at the wedding venue.


It would be too time consuming to drive to the old town for some photos.

But you are free to do so the day after !

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