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Wedding packages abroad, in Spain !

What is the difference with the Costa Blanca Events Custom wedding planning service ?

In Wedding packages we have selected some of our most chosen venues, and most chosen suppliers, and negotiated a closed package deal with them, in which only very few variations are possible.


This approach severely reduces the communication and planning required, saving both time for then venue, suppliers as for us as your wedding planners.


As a result, venues and suppliers have agreed to offer a substantial discount on their normal prices.


But of course, as a result, only few options and choices are possible within the package.

The All inclusive Wedding packages abroad upgrade.

You can do a few upgrades in photography package, flowers (extra button holes, bridesmaid bouquets etc...wedding setting and decorations.


But in this all inclusive package, which is very complete, you already have included  the wedding website, wedding setting, bridesbouquet, buttonholes, fixed cost of the welcome drink, fixed cost of the table decoration, fixed cost of the wedding cake, DJ, midnight snack for an incredible low price, making other upgrades impossible.

What is the price difference with the Costa Blanca Events Custom wedding planning service ?

The price difference is not a fixed difference, and of course it also depends on the number of persons attending, but if you don't make any changes, and don't select any options then the difference is approximately 1000 €.


However, please note that in the all inclusive wedding package abroad there is a minimum number of persons charged, which depends on the day of the week.


If you don't meet the minimum persons requirement, you can still book the package, but you will be paying for the minimum persons requirement, and thus paying for persons not attending, making the price difference with our Custom Wedding Planning service smaller.

Is the all inclusive wedding package abroad the best choice for your wedding ?

That depends ;.


First of all on your budget. If you're really on a tight budget then you definitely need to consider the package BUT make sure that you will be able to meet the minimum persons requirement, if not, you'll be paying for persons not atttending, and the price difference with our Custom wedding planning service will become ( substantially ) smaller.


Second, you need to be ok with the venues offered in the package.


Third, you need to be ok with the services included in the package, and even if you - if offered the choice - wouldn't order all of them, the price difference with the Custom Wedding Planning is substantial enough to compensate for the service you normally wouldn't have ordered. So sit back and relax, and enjoy the service.


And last but not least, you need to be ok with the limited number of options and choices possible in the all inclusive wedding abroad package.

Is it possible to change later in the planning process to the Custom Wedding Planning service ?

Yes, it is, but ;


Of course you need to stay within the same venue.


You have to respect the minimum persons requirement of the All Inclusive Package, so changing only because you don't meet this requirement is not an option.


You also need to respect the services ordered from suppliers in the package, but no longer being restricted by the limited options in the package, you can upgrade them to another service level ( from the same supplier ), add choices, preferences, etc.


Finally, it requires us to completely revise your wedding plan, eliminating the "upgrade package" and changing all services to their Custom Wedding Planning version. For this, we charge a one time service fee of 50 € + v.a.t.