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choice of venues, and so much more.

In our new wedding arrangements you don't pay any fixed wedding planner fee!


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Wedding package options

As you have seen on the All inclusive weddings abroad package, everything is included, leaving very few options available.


For those who want to further fine tune their wedding, we offer some extra options.

Wedding package options !

Spanish ham cutter during reception or "fiesta"

Our professional Spanish ham cutter cuts slices of "jamon iberico" as thin as possible.

It's a real gourmet experience for you and your guests.

Because our all inclusive wedding packages abroad are so complete, we can't offer many options!


Accommodations for you and your guests can be booked at a guaranteed lowest price via our free online accommodations booking system

Our packages are perfect for weddings abroad on a budget, because there are no extra's !

Airport transfers and rental cars

Airport transfers and rental cars can be booked by you and your guests via a link on your personal wedding website.

Wedding packages abroad makes a wedding in Spain not only unforgettabel, but also affordable

Getting married in Spain, now possible for every one thanks to the all inclusive package!

450 €