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Wedding packages abroad, in Spain !

So, how much does this All inclusive wedding package in Spain cost ?

Again no surprises or small print here, the price is very simple, straightforward and ideal for weddings abroad on a budget !


This All inclusive package is substantially cheaper then other weddings and the package is therefore designed for weekdays, Monday to Thursday. On Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, the price is slightly higher, and there is also a higher minimum number of adults attending requirement.


The total cost of the All inclusive wedding abroad package is comprised of ;

Our standard wedding planner agreement

Due to the number of wedding couples that entrust the planning of their wedding to us, we're able to organise your wedding without a fixed wedding planner fee !


For more info, please refer to the cost of Costa Blanca Events page

The All inclusive Wedding packages abroad upgrade.

Once you have submitted our standard wedding planner agreement, and we have confirmed the agreement and the date, you can upgrade to the "All inclusive Wedding Packages Abroad" package, as described on this website. ;


The cost depends the period and the day of the week, and for groups up to 50 persons ;

For weddings from October 15 until April 15, regardless of the day : 2495 € + 21% v.a.t.

For weddings from April 15 until October 15, from monday to Thursday : 2495 € + 21% v.a.t.

For weddings from April 15 until October 15, on a friday or a sunday : 2795 € + 21% v.a.t.

For weddings from April 15 until October 15, on a saturday : 3095 € + 21% v.a.t.


For each extra group of 50 persons there is a surcharge of 500 € + v.a.t.

0 €

2495 €

+ 21% v.a.t

groups up to 50 persons

Then add the cost of catering per person

Because this package offers so much value for it's cost, the price is the same for all persons attending, except children up to the age of 3 years which are free.

Children between 4 and 11 will receive a special kids menu, but pay the same price as the adults.


Because the package offer such great value for your money, venues impose a minimum number of persons attending. If not, the wedding is not profitable for them.


If your group is smaller then the minimum number of persons required, you can still contract the package,

but you will be charged for the minimum number of persons, depending on the day of your wedding ;


From Monday to Thursday : minimum 25 persons of 4 years or older attending

From Friday to Sunday : minimum 50 persons of 4 years or older attending.

69 €

+ 10% v.a.t

per person attending.

Children until 3 are free

Our wedding planner commission

The difference in work between planning and coördinating a small and a big wedding is covered by wedding planner commission.


On the total of your wedding plan, excluding accommodations, you pay a commission of 5% as our wedding planner fee.

5 % commission

+ 21% v.a.t.

So what is the total cost of my all inclusive weddings abroad wedding ? some examples...

Below are some examples of the total cost of your wedding, for 25, 50, 100 or 150 persons in total, but of course, any number of guests is possible.

Children up to the age of 3 years are free and therefore don't need to be included in the number of persons.

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