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How will my wedding setting look like ?

In your all inclusive wedding package we have included a very romantic wedding setting.

  • A carpet in fushia-pink, red, turcoise or white

  • An iron arch with a romantic bench for the bridal couple to sit

  • Decoration of the arch in white, pink, purple or turqoise tule.

  • 2 big flower bouquets in iron stands to complete the picture

  • A lecturn for the oficiant

  • A sound system with microphone and mp3 player for the ceremony & music

Your wedding setting in Spain !

Yes, you can choose the colours of the flowers

To complete the setting 2 big flower bouquets are included in the wedding package.


You can choose the colours of the flowers to match the setting and your bridal bouquet, ad you can point out which flowers you prefer. But in the end it's up to the florist to select the flowers, she knows exactly what flowers are best in which season and what flowers are or aren't available.


These wedding settings are also ideal for renewing your wedding vows abroad

The bridal bouquet

The bridal bouquet is a made for you in the colours of your choice. Our florist chooses which flowers are best to use in which season, but you can of course point out your preference, if available.


She orders the flowers in Holland and are delivered every week , so that only fresh flowers are used for the wedding setting and your brides bouquet.

... and even for a small wedding abroad !

or why not for weddings for two abroad