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with a free online wedding budget calculator & quotation request,  

choice of venues, and so much more.

In our new wedding arrangements you don't pay any fixed wedding planner fee!


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Your wedding planners in Spain

Wedding packages abroad is a subsidiary of Costa Blanca Events, a well established and bespoke wedding planner agency of professional and certified wedding planners on the Spanish Costa Blanca.


Costa Blanca Events is specialised in very personal wedding, which as a result require a lot of planning and coördination.


Not all wedding couples require such a personal wedding planner service, and some couples just want to get married abroad on a budget.


That's why we created this wedding packages abroad service.

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Professional wedding planning made easy

Your wedding planners are every bit as professional as the Costa Blanca Events wedding planners.


But by creating one all inclusive weddings abroad package, we eliminated the necessity for extensive wedding planning and coördination, both during the months and weeks before the wedding, during your stay in Spain, and on your wedding day.


This saves a lot of time, and has allowed us to eliminate the wedding planner fee, making getting married abroad affordable to every wedding couple.

A professional team makes getting married abroad very easy for you !

Can I visit the venues ?

Yes, of course you can !


We take you on a guided tour of the various venues and accommodations, and explain the details of the all inclusive weddings abroad package.


To book the guided tour, you need to make an appointment, and pay a visit our venues fee of 99 € and is not deductable & accommodation is not included.

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We don't save on professionalism, we save by including everything in the package !

What guarantees do I have ?

Costa Blanca Events is a professional and well estasblished and funded wedding planner agency, and many wedding couples have entrusted their wedding to us.


On the internet and on our principal website, you can find lots of references of wedding couples and their guests.


We understand that it's not easy to entrust the most important day of your life to an organisation you don't really know, and to pay for a wedding that hasn't taken place yet.

That's why we limit the downpayment to the fixed part of the package, and you're only required to pay for your guests when your guest list is final, aproximately one month prior to the wedding.

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That saves us a lot of time, and you a lot of money !

Wedding day insurance

To be 100% reassured, you can also contract a wedding day insurance.

They're available via various insurance companies, and it's advisable to compare their conditions and prices.


But if contracted, you're sure that sickness or passing of a close relative or any other unforseen event will have financial consequences.

Our all inclusive wedding packages abroad are without a doubt the best wedding deals abroad !

So don't hesitate, and contract us. We make getting married abroad easy and affordable !