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Your wedding reception in Spain !

Is a reception included in the wedding package ?

Of course, after the ceremony there is a 1 hour reception included with cava, beer, orange juice, refreshments and water.


Also some Spanish olives and almonds complete the picture. During this hour we leave you allone for half an hour, so that your guests can congratulate the bridal couple, and after half an hour we invite the bridal couple, and then bit by bit the family, for a small photo shoot.


After that it's time to move to the dinner tables...

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Can I add a Spanish ham cutter ?

For larger groups it might be a good idea to add a "jamonero" or Spanish ham cutter.


This "jamonero" is a master in cutting Spanish ham into the thinnest slices. He cuts the whole ham on to plates that can be used later on during the dance party, if not eaten during reception of course ! We advice this for groups lager then 40 people.


Other options or changes are not possible in the all inclusive wedding package.

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Our all inclusive wedding packages abroad are very complete, and very affordable !

Our all inclusive package proofs that wedding abroad packages don't have to be expensive